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Szerző: Lakatos István

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2004


  • Substantial contributions of chemistry and chemical engineering to E&P activities in hydrocarbon industry are clearly demonstrated by diversification of chemistry as a discipline to geochemistry, mud and drilling chemistry, chemistry of conventional and IOR/EOR methods, chemical well treatment techniques, water chemistry, chemistry of emulsions and phase separation, etc. which are indis-pensable today for a profitable, smart and environmentally friendly oil and gas production. Some professionals define the "chemical methods" as technologies which are applying chemicals, meanwhile others say, in a broader sense, as methods which are partially or fully based on chemical mechanisms. Why not to combine both definition? Thus, we may postulate, with a pardonable exaggeration, that almost all operations at hydrocarbon fields can be ranked more or less among chemical techniques. The XXI. century is often referred to as a "new era of science revolution" or the "era of interdisciplinary science". Consequently, the old theories, methodology, disciplines and approaches must be replaced with new ones. Necessarily, new paradigms are also required in hydrocarbon production to enhance creativity, to give impetus to innovation and to encourage "out-of-the-box" thinking. This endeavor is well represented by the papers included into the 5th volume of the Progress in Mining and Oilfield Chemistry. The talented and devoted authors clearly and convincingly prove how fast the progress of oilfield chemistry is. The papers of high quality also demonstrate that the general interest towards oilfield chemistry is increasing with such a rapid rate which has never been seen before. Therefore, the editor cordially recommends the book to all professionals who want to learn about the more challenging and modern aspects of oilfield and mining chemistry.

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    Formátum: B5
    Kötés: kemény, papír
    Megjelenés éve: 2004
    Terjedelem: 440 oldal

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  • ISBN:978-963-05-8104-2
    Kiadó:Akadémiai Kiadó