Raspberry Pi 3 IoT Learner Kit - kuponnal

Raspberry Pi 3 IoT Learner Kit - kuponnal
Raspberry Pi 3 IoT Learner Kit - kuponnal

PI3-IBM-IOT-LEARNKIT - Raspberry Pi 3 IBM IoT oktató készlet

A csomag a Raspberry PI 3-at tartalmazza!

Extra 90 napos IBM Bluemix felhőszolgáltatás kuponnal

  • PI3-IBM-IOT-LEARNKIT - Raspberry Pi 3 IBM IoT oktató készlet leírás

    Az IBM-IOT-LEARNKIT csomag egy nagyszerű csomag, ami lehetővé teszi számodra, hogy az IBM népszerű Mesterséges Intelligenci platformját (IBM Watson) a Raspberry PI-3 segítségével használhasd. Az online tananyag teljesítésével Te is rengeteg új tudást tudsz megszerezni, ugyanazt a platformot használva mint a professzionális hivatásos mérnökök, tudósok használnak nap mint nap.

    A PI3-IBM-IOT-LEARNKIT csomag tartalma:

    • 1x Raspberry Pi 3
    • 1x Sense HAT
    • 1x 5.1V 2.5A Tápegység
    • 1x 16GB microSD telepített Raspbian
    • 1x PI-HAT ház lecsukható tetővel fekete/átlátszó
    • 1x Extra 90 napos IBM Bluemix felhőszolgáltatás kupon 

    Online kurzus (angol): 

    A developer's guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)


    "The Internet of Things (IoT) is an area of rapid growth and opportunity. Technical innovations in networks, sensors and applications, coupled with the advent of 'smart machines' have resulted in a huge diversity of devices generating all kinds of structured and unstructured data that needs to be processed somewhere. Collecting and understanding that data, combining it with other sources of information and putting it to good use can be achieved by using connectivity, analytical and cognitive services now available on the cloud, allowing development and deployment of solutions to be achieved faster and more efficiently than ever before.

    This course is an entry level introduction to developing and deploying solutions for the Internet of Things. It will focus on capturing data from a trusted device and sending the data to a cloud platform where it can be exploited by the many services available. You will explore all the steps required to create a basic IoT solution using a popular device, the Raspberry Pi, and a trial version of the cloud-based IBM Watson IoT Platform. What you will learn: Quickly create applications that leverage connectivity and analytics as part of an integrated IoT platform. Use Node-RED, an open-source visual application development environment, on both the device and the cloud. Create a basic IoT solution by leveraging pre-built blocks of code that abstracts and speeds the development process. Use APIs to access the platform and explore the different connectivity options for various devices, gateways and applications. Explore options to ensure your solution makes best use of the captured data."

    A csomag ára nem tartalmazza az online tanfolyam esetleges költségeit!

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